It’s not a gap, it is a chasm!  After almost 25 years in the field of recruiting,  I do not believe I have ever observed a market like we are experiencing at the moment.  The seismic shift is a bit of a mystery even with a growing economy.  Turn over is at an all time high.  Candidates with clean backgrounds are becoming increasingly more difficult to find and a new generation is entering the work force and not all of them may have been taught interview etiquette.

Probably one of the biggest issues is no call no show rates for interviews whether they are phone screens or face to face interviews.  This has always been part of the process, however, almost 50% no show no call rates is alarming.  As a third party agency, we have had the opportunity to mentor candidates and encourage them to follow through with what they said they would do.  When candidates do not keep their word, it is frustrating and not to mention extremely inconsiderate.  It is important to note that another human being has YOU on their calendar.  How cool is that?  We treat our candidates like they are the only candidate.  We do this because it is our passion to improve the lives of others.  Changing jobs sometimes is a way to do that.  Sometimes it isn’t and if that is the case we will tell you.

So, you may be asking, what can you do as a candidate to help firms like ours, here are 3 easy ones and they are almost all the same.

  1. Honesty is always the best policy.  If you lose interest, it isn’t a big deal.  We would much rather you tell us that than to do radio dark.
  2. If you are scheduled for the next step in the process, it is VERY important that you take that step (usually phone screen, application/assessment, or  finally an interview) many times great candidates lose out on a job opportunity because they did not keep their word.  We understand that things come up and as long as you give us a heads up we can keep that bridge open for you.  Otherwise, despite record low unemployment rates, many of my clients will not give a second chance.  No show no call speaks to a persons character.  In the event of an emergency or getting called into work we are only one text message away from your relaying information to us.
  3. Return phone calls and text messages if we are trying to reach you, we have a good reason and it is almost 100% of time good news!
  4. Refer to #1.  The truth is the easiest thing to remember.  Inflating salaries between us and the client is effectively burning a bridge.  None of our clients will play hardball, if you are honest and consistent on your salary, you will get more–changing the number only loses you the opportunity, and isn’t going to pad  your bank account.

We have placed many candidates over the years, and look forward to serving the hospitality industry for many years to come.  We’d love to get to know you better, and are so honored to serve you!


““Amy Watson, President & CEO Watermark Management Group



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