Recently, there was a poll of those dubbed “millennials” asking people of this age group (18-34) if they felt like they could adequately use a landline in an office atmosphere.  Over-whelmingly, the answer was a resounding “no” when asked if they knew how to properly use a land-line office phone.

As I read that article, it occurred to me that there are several professional gaps among this age group and somewhat the minds of job seekers in general.  The gap of which I speak is character, integrity, dedication and honesty.  To some degree these character traits in the professional environment seemed to have gone by the way side.

Most of the candidates that land on our desk are candidates not currently seeking employment.  We recruit those candidates because they are the best candidates as they are already increasing their customer base and lowering the cost of conducting business.  In most ways, candidates who are currently employed are, by far, the best candidates on the market.

However, it doesn’t hurt to remind all candidates some etiquette as it pertains to the hiring process; especially if you are using a recruiting firm to help you land a better job.

But before that, it is necessary to explain to candidate’s the role of a recruiting firm like ours has in your hiring process.  Most, if not all, recruiting firms work on commission of sorts.  In other words, if you don’t get hired by our clients, we don’t get paid.  Our particular company is different than most as we stress the value of placing any given candidate in the right spot for them.  We do not send your resume to several companies, we only send it to the client that is right for you.  When candidates are in the process with one of our clients, they receive support on every level including setting up interviews, assisting with the actual interview process, helping you navigate offers and finally, the decision to accept or decline an job offer.  There are a lot of moving parts to get candidates hired.  This can be frustrating, but proper hiring process etiquette could help recruiting firms immensely.  Here are a few ways you can do that.

1.  First and perhaps most important, tell the truth always.  Your answers on salary, vacation, background and goals should be the same all through out the process.  Many times candidates think if they leave out a piece of information or change information, they will be in a better position with the hiring company.  This simply is not true,    Tell the truth, it is the easiest thing to remember.

2.  Second and equally as important, keep your word.  Tell us from the beginning if there would be a way your current employer could keep you by counter-offering an offer you get from somebody else.  Tell us from the beginning if you are far along in the process with another company.   In the event you receive a counter-offer from your current place of employment it is imperative that you tell us that immediately.  We will speak about it and we will give you our honest opinion as to what you should do.  We tell about 10% of our candidates to stay where they are; so do not be afraid we aren’t going to be objective.  We love working with our candidates and there are very few things we will not do for candidate’s who use our 18 years of experience to guide you through the interview process.  The kindest thing you can do for us is do what you said you are going to do, and that includes not accepting an offer if you intend to utilize an offer as a chip to get more money from your current employer.  This ideology is one that burns bridges and if you have noticed yet, the restaurant industry is a small world.  Going back on your word will come back to haunt you.  We are on your side, tell us all there is to tell us from the beginning so that we are on a level playing ground.  This includes background issues and other mitigating factors that will come out in the interview process.  Again, if we can get out in front of it, we can help you.

3.  Third, stay in communication with us. We will communicate with you all throughout the process to move you along.  It is important that you communicate with us so that we can get you in front of the client.  You are demonstrating your gratitude by recognizing that our job is a tough one and if you help keep us updated, we will have time to help many other people like you.

4.  Finally, represent us well.  If we have sent you on to one of our clients, then we have identified you as a probable candidate for our client.  Essentially, you have our name, and our brand on you.  This is something we take seriously.  As you go, our reputation is affected.  When you tell the truth from the beginning; do what you say you are going to do; communicate with us and represent us well you have a great chance at a better job.

Character and integrity will set you apart from those who have not been taught or chose to learn these 4 simple principles.

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