Necessary.  Frustrating.  Helpful.  Important.  Useful.  Essential.

Time Consuming.



These are all words that describe the online application process.  This process can add a significant amount of time to the recruiting process and many times candidates lose interest or don’t have time for these processes.

However, if you can stay with it, and complete the online process, many times the pay off is well worth it.  The online process usually includes an online application (which makes your information easy to access at offer time) and an assessment.  Most of our clients require the completion of such before a phone interview.  This is often disconcerting to the passive job seeker.  When you do finally get to the online process there are some basic things to remember.

1. Remember that this information is permanent.  I have spoken to many candidates who have completed an online assessment for our client’s in the past.  Usually, this information can be recalled with the click of a mouse.  Therefore,

2. WAIT and start the assessment when you have plenty of time to complete the online assessment.  Do not rush it and

3. WAIT until you are rested and able to recall information quickly.  Also, remember,

4. Prepare by having some basic equipment and services.  Make sure you have a reliable internet connection; make sure you have scratch paper available as well as a calculator.  Finally,

5. Answer questions honestly.  Do not cherry pick.  Many of these online assessments are used as tools to test for a culture fit.  Do not answer the questions the way you think the hiring company wants you to answer them.  Answer them honestly and most accurately, in your own opinion.

Online assessments are not going anywhere.  While many of us would prefer the traditional recruiting model, remember that this is a change that is here to stay.  Like difficult “weed-out” classes in high school and college, these assessments are meant to test not only basic management skills, but also your ability to follow through with basic instructions.

For more information on restaurant management positions, click here.

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