Email and text is a permanent record of your thoughts and actions.  Never email or text when you are angry or upset.  Bill O’Reily suggests giving yourself 10 minutes; I would argue that you should give yourself 24 hours when in an emotional state.  Chances are, if you are that emotional, you should pick up the phone.


What message does emailing or texting at the end of a long shift convey to the recipient?  Chances are, you are tired and your mid-night message won’t be your best one.  Additionally, emails sent in the middle of the night are often lost in a sea of emails.  Wait until morning when you are fresh and email boxes have been minded.


What would happen if one of your employees picked up your phone and read your text messages?  Avoid texting professionally unless you are sure the incoming (and outgoing) messages are safe AND you have not initiated the text in the first place.  Short text messages about appointments, assessments and applications are ok; however, anything after that can and will be perceived as unprofessional and your information may not be secure.


What does your email address say about you?  Email addresses in a professional setting (like that of the job interview process) should be professional and easy to convey over the phone.  Email addresses that are inappropriate will send a message to the recipient that you may not be who they want to hire.  Additionally, email address with letters and numbers that sound alike may get miscommunicated over the phone, delaying the hiring process.  Make your email address concise and appropriate.


The message you send in an email or a text says a lot about your attention to detail.  Do not count on spell check to always correct mistakes.  Take the time to review important emails for spelling and grammar errors before you send.

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