I am fan of all the cop shows–you know the ones where they interview the suspect for hours and hours and by multiple people.  The reasoning?  Bad coffee and too much cigarette smoke?  Nope, they want to know the truth.  We are all seekers of the truth.  What really happened and when did it happen?  What order? Who was there?  How long? Why all the questions?  Because the truth is impossible to forget.  Lies, lies are easy to forget.

I solicited some friends for blog topics and one of my friends mentioned this topic and it reminded me of how important this issue is.  I wrote about it in our initial blog of this site in a post you can find here.  It is simple.  Tell the truth, never tell a lie.

Often, candidates doctor resumes to match the job they are seeking.  This is a mistake.  It is a mistake on monumental proportions and you will get caught, every time.  The interviewer has what YOU WROTE in front of them, and they will question you about every single character on that resume.  You need to be able to answer the question with steadfast accuracy to multiple people, multiple times.  Your character is all you have; and if you lie (and aren’t a good liar at that) you will not be trusted with multi-million dollar organizations. Tell the truth, don’t doctor your resume.  Your dream job will follow your actual talents and experience.  

I promise.

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