Fall is in the air.  For some, fall leaves us looking for areas in our lives to change.  It could be personal (that long over-due closet clean out; a change in diet; a commitment to exercise) or professional changes necessary to keep us on a positive career track.  This is the time of the year when our vacation time has been used and our bodies are exhausted from the long year.  This is the time of year when many of us take inventory about our careers, and evaluate if our current employers can get us where we want to go.  Therefore, many managers begin to causally investigate new job opportunities.  For most, “casually looking” is all it it ever is.  Some realize that their current employer is taking care of them and those managers should stay exactly where they are.

However, for those where this is not the case, those managers somehow convince themselves that they should “wait unit the first of the year’ to seriously consider a position that may be better suited for their skill set, career goals and financial needs.

There are problems with that line of thinking:  everyone else is thinking the same thing.  The result:  January is flooded with managers just as talented if not more talented than you.  Hiring authorities prefer to start the new year with their stores staffed and ready to launch new initiatives for their newly trained management staff.

Why wait?  Many managers are afraid of losing end of the year monies that may be available to them in the form of bonus.  This is a valid concern, but many times candidates fail to realize that the a probable increase in salary and opportunity could be substantially better than a bonus that they would be forfeiting.  Another reason that managers wait is planned vacations at the end of the calendar year.  This is also a valid concern, but one that can be addressed early in the hiring process.  Many times candidates can make the move, complete training, take their planned vacation come back refreshed and everybody wins.

Even in this economic environment, restaurants are putting shovels in the ground and they are hiring managers NOW.  These are growing companies will not wait until the first of the year.  Check here for restaurants that are growing and need talented managers NOW and will no doubt be flooded in January with candidates for positions they may have already filled.

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