If you are reading this blog, it is probably because you have been actively recruited to work at one of our client companies in restaurant management.  As a restaurant management recruiter for over 15 years, I have watched many qualified candidates never get to a phone screen with our clients, and the reasoning may surprise you, and you may be guilty of it yourself.

In 1995, when I first started recruiting restaurant managers, we received resumes by fax and left messages on antiquated answering machines or with a family member.  The hiring process was considerably longer as many restaurant managers would not get our messages until after a closing shift and many times the call went unreturned until the next day off.  At that time, we all understood that as part of the process, but that is not true in today’s environment.

Recruiters enjoy the ease at which they can communicate with a candidate by cell phone and email.  Oftentimes, this cuts the hiring process by as much as 75%.  However, when the hiring authority can not get in touch with the candidate, the level of patience is also reduced proportionally.  Hiring authorities will almost always go with the candidate that has demonstrated professionalism by returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

When I speak to our candidates, I encourage them to return the call within 12 hours of receiving the message.  Oftentimes, hiring authorities will leave an office number for the return call.  So, even if it is after a closing shift, a voicemail is better than waiting to return the phone call.  However, if candidates are concerned with a late night phone call, an email is always appropriate to at least acknowledge the importance of the communication.

Failure to return phone calls are not the only way candidates are disconnected with restaurant management recruiting hiring authorities.  There are other disconnection issues that will put you at the bottom of the pile of resumes and applications.  These reasons may not seem fair, but most hiring authorities make judgement calls based on these issues.

Perhaps the must frustrating issue for hiring authorities is a disconnected cell phone or a pre-paid cell phone that can not receive incoming messages.  This happens to good, talented people and for that reason, we encourage candidates to provide alternative phone numbers including a home number or the landline number of a family member.  This will ensure that the recruiter will not get a message that makes them worry that either you gave them the wrong number or that you are not responsible enough to pay your cell phone bill.  Provide a reliable number where you can receive a message.

The bottom line is this: Stay connected and think ahead.   You can’t avoid some of these things, and when they arise it is always a good idea to reach out to the third-party recruiter who helped you in the first place.  We can stand in the gap for you and hedge off judgement calls that inevitably happen in these situations.  We want you to be connected with opportunities that are good for you and we don’t want you to lose an opportunity because of avoidable communication issues.

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