As we get close to one of my favorite holidays–Labor Day–I am reminded that I could share a few additional tips with you–the job seeker.  There should be a class for this or something–or I should get paid–but for now, you get it for free. 🙂

Leave the cell phone in the car.  You can try to ignore the vibrating in your purse or pocket, but your non-verbals aren’t very good.  Almost always, we can read your mind, “I thought I turned that OFF”.  You know I discovered those things actually do have OFF buttons…a job interview is a good time to use it.

Dress appropriately  for the job.  I have a client that is relevant and hip–my candidates always ask me how they should dress for this interview.  Have you ever seen a manager in that restaurant in a suit and tie?  No?  Then you probably should keep it business casual.  The reverse would be true as well.  More importantly, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and neat.  Remember, as I have said before, do you want this person to trust you with their million dollar business?  Do not go to Dillard’s and get a shirt out of the package right before the interview.  We always can tell the creases in the shirt that comes right out of the package!  Invest in an iron, or if you are like me and not very adept at the whole ironing thing, a dry cleaner.

Bring Plenty of Copies of Your Resume.  Even if you have emailed it to them, always bring fresh (ONE PAGE) copies of your resume.  And, please, please, don’t say “my printer broke”.  I hated that excuse when I was a teacher and in today’s environment, there are options for broken printers, including emailing it to a friend to print for you.

Visit the Client Company BEFORE the interview.  This earns you huge brownie points.  Even if you stop by for a cup of coffee or a quick bite, it is a great advantage to be able to discuss your visit with the interviewer.  Try to point out positive points about your visits and construct a few well thought out questions as well.

-NEVER trust your GPS–If your’s is anything like mine, it will send you to the wrong place at the most inopportune times!  Map out your route on your computer before leaving home and only rely on the GPS as a back up.

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